Transport modes 

Different forms or means of transport are also known as modes. For example, multimodal goods transport makes it possible to carry a shipment by road, rail and sea. The load carriers in our fleet can combine these modes seamlessly with each other, so DLG’s service package offers endless possibilities. 

The composition of multimodal transport for your logistics issue depends on the type of cargo and the route your goods need to take to their destination. What’s more, your wishes and requirements in terms of budget, delivery times and safety play an important part in determining the most efficient solution. We work together to find the right form of transport for you.

At DLG we are specialized in conditioned multimodal transport.

International multimodal transport

Multimodal transport is (international) goods transport that uses more than one transport mode. The goods carried in this way can also be shipped in different load carriers by each mode of transport. This is the big difference with intermodal transport, where the same loading unit is used throughout, though that is of course a form of multimodal transport and we can also provide it for you. We offer solutions via road, rail or sea, always preferring to use local infrastructure (a local-for-local approach). 

Thanks to this flexibility, we can always offer a solution. The result is reliability in our service. At the same time, we strive each and every day to offer the best value for money. Improving and developing our services is our main focus and an important element of our company’s purpose.


Multimodal goods transport is the transport method that meets all your needs

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We’re pioneers here at DLG, which means we’re specialists in conditioned multimodal transport. This approach means we can provide efficient shipping of temperature-sensitive goods. By doing so, we cut CO2 emissions, reduce the burden on the road network and make transport itself more flexible. Get in touch if you want to know more about multimodal transport.

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