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Daily Logistics Group is a leading transport company specialising in multimodal conditioned transport across Europe. As a logistics partner, we work day and night to make all your transport operations run smoothly. Whatever happens: We deliver.


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For more than 85 years, DLG has been a proud family business with a strong market position. We’re also well known in the transport industry for our forward-looking approach. This clear vision for the future is also reflected in the way we work with customers. As a result, sustainable solutions for the multimodal transport of fresh, chilled and frozen products are our distinctive strength.  

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DLG has become a successful transport company thanks to its rich history. For many years, Visbeen Transport, Post-Kogeko Logistics and DailyFresh Logistics provided national and international distribution, trailer and container haulage and multimodal transport. In 2019, these three brands merged to form the Daily Logistics Group, so they could develop even better solutions for transporting fresh, chilled and frozen products. Together, cleaner, smarter!

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