Conditioned transport

The Perishable trade lane is all about conditioned transport throughout Europe. ‘Conditioned’ means providing the right transport conditions and a constant temperature to carry goods with a limited shelf life without compromising on quality. In the food industry, this often involves the chilled transport of fresh produce or frozen foods, but heated transport also falls within this category. Temperature-controlled transport is also known as refrigerated transport. 

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Food, groceries and plants

We use refrigerated transport and frozen transport in particular when delivering food and groceries to shops, hotels and catering establishments, so we know a lot about food safety. Our drivers know exactly how to behave safely and responsibly when loading, transporting and unloading refrigerated containers. Conditioned transport is also essential for preserving quality when distributing other shipments, like flowers and plants. 

From orders to reports

We have a control tower with a high level of service. We handle the entire order flow, which includes logging the loading and unloading addresses and making adjustments for delays and any other problems along the way. None of this is outsourced: we do it all in-house. There are various service levels available. You can submit your order via EDI or via our order portal. You can also rely on a tailored report to keep you informed about the status of your orders, either weekly, monthly, every six months or at any other interval you choose: you’re the one in charge! 

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Conditioned transport by DLG

Thanks to our multimodal transport solutions, your fresh produce is transported across Europe according to the highest quality standards. Conditioned transport has been a speciality of DLG for many years now. What destination would you like us to carry your shipment to?

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