Logistic Services by DLG

DLG provides sustainable logistic solutions and customized transport for your organization. From major changes in transport modes and warehousing to small-scale adjustments in order picking, packaging, storage, and shipping: everything to help you achieve even better results! 

Improve Your Logistics with 3PL Services

Discover DLG’s extensive 3PL (Third-Party Logistics) services, designed to enhance your logistics processes while saving costs. As a 3PL service provider, we take responsibility for managing your goods flows, warehousing, distribution, and more. This enables you to focus on your core activities, while our logistic services ensure efficient logistics that improve your business processes.

About our 3PL Services

We deliver added value throughout the entire chain

Supply Chain Logistics

Before the actual transport begins, various processes are already underway. Consider managing inventories, placing orders, planning transport, and even predicting how the route will unfold. This way, we anticipate potential changes in the logistics chain, taking into account the working methods of different parties. All these players, including you, are essentially part of the supply chain. Our logistic services fall under the term ‘supply chain logistics’. When all these processes work well together, our goal is achieved. 

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The Logistics Fleet


Are all logistics matters arranged? Then it’s time to hit the road! The DLG fleet includes a large number of trucks, refrigerated trailers, huckepack trailers, and 45ft refrigerated containers. For each type of cargo, we are well aware of the required transport conditions to maintain the product's quality. We transport your freight with 700 loading units and 200 hauling units to the destination. And, of course, we also offer suitable logistic solutions for transport by water and rail!

Sustainable Transport

At DLG, we are committed to more sustainable transport. As a family business with extensive experience in transport throughout Europe, we aim to make our planet greener. We understand that the choices we make today shape the world of tomorrow. Therefore, we are dedicated to implementing sustainable logistic solutions in all our activities, from warehousing to transport and beyond. Discover how we do this in our logistic approach for a better world. 

About our sustainable transport

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DLG as Logistics Consultant

What is the smartest transportation route? Which transport modes should we use? And what are the benefits of groupage transport, for example? These types of questions concerning logistic solutions are crucial before transport. Additionally, proper documentation plays a significant role in moving your cargo between different countries. DLG handles all matters related to customs clearance. Read more about international transport or discover how we solve your logistics problems for you.