Supply chain logistics

Before the transport itself starts, all kinds of processes are already under way. These include mana ging stocks, placing orders, planning transport and even predicting how the journey will go. This helps us anticipate potential changes in the flow of goods and cash, taking account of how all kinds of stakeholders operate. Just like you, each of these players forms a link in the supply chain, so our logistics services also fall within the category of ‘supply chain logistics’. If all these processes work well together, we’ve achieved our goal.

Added value throughout the chain.

Logistics advice

What is the smartest transport route? Which modes of transport do we use? And what kind of advantages does groupage transport offer? It’s important to ask all these sorts of questions about logistics solutions before shipping your goods. In addition, the right documentation is critical when moving your consignment between different countries.

It’s certainly important to be aware of the current requirements when transporting goods to the United Kingdom. With two strategic locations in the north and south serving all major ports, as well as a central hub in the Midlands, we can satisfy the import and export requirements within a growing domestic market.

DLG can also take care of everything to do with customs clearance. Getting logistics advice  from DLG isn’t just a responsible choice, but a profitable one as well.

The logistics fleet

Once all the logistical issues are taken care of, it’s time to hit the road! The DLG fleet comprises a large number of trucks, refrigerated trailers, Huckepack trailers and 45ft refrigerated containers. For each type of consignment, we know all about the transport conditions needed to preserve the quality of the goods. We use 700 loading units and 200 tractor units to transport your cargo to its destination. And of course, we also offer suitable logistics solutions for transport by sea and rail! 

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Logistics services by DLG

DLG provides sustainable logistics solutions and tailored transport for your organisation. From radical changes in transport modes and warehousing to small-scale adjustments to order picking and packing or storage and dispatch, we do everything to help you on your way to even better results! Want to deploy our logistics services?

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