Why Choose DLG? 

Whether it’s import and export containers within the Benelux, France, Germany, or the United Kingdom, at DLG, your needs come first. This means for you:

  • Modern fleet: with our own trucks and chassis, equipped with container gensets, allowing us to transport temperature-sensitive loads in refrigerated containers.
  • Speed: Thanks to our European network, we always find the most efficient route for your transport, saving you time and costs.
  • Flexibility: Are there opportunities in the market or unexpected challenges? As your logistics partner, we always think along with you!
  • Sustainability: We use intermodal transport to reduce traffic congestion and CO2 emissions.
  • Personal Service: Our team is ready to help you organize your transport, with your satisfaction as our highest priority.

Our extensive network brings your cargo to any desired location in Europe, expanding your market reach and strengthening your competitive position. With DLG, you choose more than just a transport partner; you choose a strategic partner that prioritizes your success.

Intermodal Sea Container Transport

Intermodal transport plays a significant role at DLG. By combining different transport modalities such as water, road, and rail, we offer an efficient solution for your transport needs. With our experience and expertise, we ensure that your cargo arrives on time and in optimal condition. Discover the benefits of intermodal transport with DLG and optimize your supply chain today. 

Intermodal transport by DLG 

Choose a strategic partner whose priority is your success

Transparent Costs for Sea Container Transport

Curious about the costs for sea container transport? At DLG, we offer transparent rates that match your needs. Whether it’s import or export shipments within Europe, we find the most cost-effective solutions for your transport. Save time and costs by requesting a quote today

Customs Handling and Documentation

When transporting cargo between different countries, various agreements apply, which vary by country and cargo. Accurately submitting and maintaining documentation plays a significant role in this. From our offices, we relieve you of all your customs formalities. We maintain standard connections with Customs, Portbase, and terminals. Additionally, we respond to the increasing demand for internal transport at Maasvlakte, moving containers 24/7 between various deep-sea terminals, empty depots, and warehouses in the distribution park.

Innovative Solutions: ContainerHubs

Our ContainerHubs provide a solution to the increasing challenges in container transport. With increasingly busy roads and traffic jams becoming more common, deep-sea vessels are getting larger, resulting in more extreme loading and unloading operations at terminals and longer waiting times. By creating a secure parking space where containers are detached during off-peak hours and nights, the ContainerHub ensures timely deliveries to our customers. Our hubs are strategically located in the Netherlands on the outskirts of Rotterdam, the Westland, and the Dutch Fresh Port.Sustainability in Container Transport

DLG strives for sustainable container transport by alleviating the road network as much as possible and minimizing CO2 emissions. We achieve this by using alternative transport modalities, such as the barge between Maasvlakte and Waalhaven. With our international logistics services, we have a strong European network with which we are in daily contact to ensure smooth transport.

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Your Partner in Efficient Container Transport

At DLG, we understand that your transport needs are central. Whether it’s maintaining the quality of your products during international transport, simplifying customs procedures, or finding sustainable transport solutions, DLG is here for you. Contact us today to optimize your transport processes. 

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