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DLG works hard every day to deliver your goods to their destination as quickly and
efficiently as possible. This produces some great adventures, memories and images, which we share on our social media channels. But what really goes on behind the scenes at DLG? That’s also something you can find out by following us on social media, for example by watching our glittering 2020 highlights reel or following our employees on LinkedIn.

DLG trucks spotted

DLG’s trucks are real eye-catchers and you never know where you’ll meet them. We
regularly post nice photos of our fleet on Facebook and Instagram. Trucks on the
highway, trailers in the snow and charters in every corner of Europe: you’ll see it all
on our social media channels. But did you know that many of these photos are taken
by our online fans? Enthusiastic drivers, partners and other truck spotters share their
great images with us, and we in turn share them with you!

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At DLG, around 360 employees work day and night to ship your cargo efficiently
from A to B. What motivates our people to do this is a shared passion: logistics!
While our drivers set record times on the road, our office staff also come up with the
smartest logistics solutions. That’s something we’re proud of and we like to share it.
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employees on LinkedIn!

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DLG highlights reel: the Veagle soared in 2020

As for many, 2020 was an exciting year for DLG. The introduction of our new image
at the glittering DLG party marked the launch of the new year for us. Despite the
coronavirus crisis and its challenges, Brexit pressure and homeworking, the year
was full of wonderful moments: new trailers, a ‘benefriet’ chip-eating campaign, the
bad Christmas jumper competition, countless vlogs and plenty of job satisfaction!
Want to take a ride with us through 2020? You can also watch this video on our
social media channels.

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