What is Supply Chain Logistics

Supply chain logistics, also known as logistics and supply chain management, involves the careful planning and organization of all steps in the process from production to the end user. In supply chain logistics, logistics and the supply chain come together seamlessly.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management by DLG

We ensure your goods are transported seamlessly from point A to point B, meticulously planning and coordinating every aspect of the process. From picking up goods from the supplier to delivering them to the end customer, we make sure everything runs smoothly. With our expertise in supply chain logistics, you are assured of efficient and reliable transport solutions that advance your business.

Orders to Reports with Control Tower Logistics

We operate a control tower with a high service level. We handle the entire order flow, including booking at loading and unloading addresses, coordinating delays, and addressing any issues en route. We manage this in-house, offering various service levels. You can submit your orders via EDI or our order portal. Additionally, you can expect customized reporting, providing insight into the status of your orders on a weekly, monthly, biannual basis, or any timeframe you prefer.

Internal and External Supply Chain Logistics

For the entire supply chain from raw material to end user to run smoothly, all internal and external processes must align well. DLG distinguishes between internal and external supply chain logistics:

  • Internal supply chain: Activities within an organization, such as procurement, production, warehousing, and sales.
  • External supply chain: Activities outside the organization, involving suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders.

DLG’s successful supply chain logistics ensure that these internal and external activities are well-coordinated. Our main challenge is optimizing communication between various levels. In an optimal supply chain, all links are connected, enabling real-time information exchange.


Inventory Planning

The supply chain logistics process begins long before international transport starts. For example, you need to purchase raw materials, store them, and manage inventories. Good planning is crucial to avoid overstocking or stockouts. Our smart planning and continuous communication between internal and external chains provide a solid foundation, which is essential because a good start is half the battle.

Supply Chain Logistics Beyond Transport

Once the basics of logistics and supply chain management are in place, it's time for the next step: transport. To optimize this process, DLG focuses on predicting how a route will unfold. Our experience with supply chain logistics shows that various factors influence transport. Therefore, we anticipate real-time changes in goods and cash flows, making organizations smarter and more agile.

Supply chain logistics reduces inventory costs, speeds up deliveries, increases flexibility, and enhances customer satisfaction

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Optimal Supply Chain Logistics with DLG

DLG has years of experience in supply chain logistics. We offer logistics solutions that cover the entire supply chain from start to finish. From placing orders to maintaining inventories and from preparing documentation to transport planning, DLG assists you in achieving optimal chain collaboration!

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