New cross-dock center and relocation of DLG Maasdijk

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Last year, a new cross-dock center with no less than 30 docks was built at the DLG location in Maasdijk. Fresh products are transshipped here every day to be transported to the United Kingdom by ferry.

This new cross-dock center was already taken into use at the end of 2022, but since February 2023 the renovated office building of DLG in Maasdijk has also been completed. That means that we have recently returned to our trusted location on the Transportweg.

Sustainable renovation

Of course, a renovation process requires a lot of work and although it was not always easy, we are proud of the result. For example, in the context of sustainability, the roof has been provided with 1518(!) solar panels and the paving stones have been reused. The existing office has been retained, but has been completely renovated and therefore fully meets current standards in the field of energy and climate control.

The employees of DLG have now moved into the new office, which has been given a fresh interior according to DLG colors. Upon arrival, visitors are welcomed by a familiar face. The eagle, which has been standing in front of the office building since 1994, has kept its place at the entrance. You can also see the eagle in the logo of DLG, the 'Veagle', which was created during the merger in 2019 from the logos of Visbeen, Post-Kogeko and DailyFresh Logistics.

Meanwhile, the office in Nieuwe-Tonge has also been painted and equipped with new furniture, so that both locations now have the same appearance. 

On our way to the UK

Finally, a lot of work has also been done in the United Kingdom either. In February 2022, we moved into a new 30 truck stand in Cranford, located directly off the A14 motorway. Its own DLG office has recently been added and the picture is now complete.

In Bury St Edmunds, our other base location with its own office near the Harwich and Felixstowe ferry terminals, the number of trucks has recently been increased from 3 to 15. They are used there 7 days a week and sometimes even day and night.

This means that you will see our DLG trucks in the UK more often and that we can serve our customers even better. The Brexit rules have made transport between the continent and the United Kingdom complicated. We now have a great deal of knowledge and support our customers in handling all customs-related formalities, so that they do not have to worry about this at all.

We deliver everywhere.